Welcome to Zebra Plaza

 Location: 23 Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda 
Zebra Plaza is one of the most recognisable commercial buildings in the centre of Kampala. This iconic landmark in the Central Business District houses premium business offices and shops.

Zebra Plaza operations and facilities are professionally managed by Knight Frank, Uganda. Please contact our on-site Knight Frank team for leasing enquiries.

What is different about Zebra Plaza?

The building facade

The striking zebra stripes on the building facade have already become a city landmark.

Made from perforated metal, this innovative facade design is the first ever for Uganda.

Protects against solar gain and sound pollution without compromising natural light or the great views from inside.

zebra plaza kampala
zebra plaza kampala office space

The green, energy-efficient vision

Local plants everywhere in the building - on top, in front and within the building.

The local connection

Zebra Plaza was designed and built using local expertise. 

Naturally occuring raw materials were sourced locally - all marble in the building is from Karamoja, Uganda.  

zebra plaza kampala building new best